We have just sourced a new supplier for crystal and gemstone jewellery. The quality is Excellent. Most of the stones are faceted, the settings very plain, so as not to detract from the stone: Just a plain band of silver around the edge. As jaded as I have become I was impressed. The range; all the old favourites, Amethyst, Citrine, Smokey Qtz, but also the unusual Larimar, Bronzite, Apophyllite, Aqua Aura, Green Amber, Phoshosiderite, Mystic Topaz, Spectro pryrite Drusy. So if there was something you need, just ask, you could have it in your hands in less than 2 weeks for a pendant. Most are also available in rings but they will take about 3 weeks if you want a particular size. The prices are also extremely reasonable, the average size equivalent to a 5 or 10 cent being around $50. Of course this can vary and larger pieces are available, of course they can cost more.

Xandras Mystic Emporium
248 Sturt Street Townsville QLD
Phone 0747 245 399
Noel & Nandi